Arne Goettsch / Electronic Earthquake

"Fear of a Black Planet" by "Public Enemy" was his first record he got at the age of ten,
when he decided to start DJ'ing.
His first residence he got at the age of seventeen in the north of Germany near Hamburg with playing Hip Hop, Jungle and Drum' n Bass.
Meanwhile his heart moved to pure electronic music called TECHNO!
Arnes sound is very Impulsive, Deep and Dark.
In 2013 he played on various Festivals, Clubs and Citys over Germany.

(Quelle: DishFM © 2015)

Arne Goettsch Music:


Tresor (Berlin/Germany)
Panoptikum (Kassel/Germany)
Stellwerk (Hamburg/Germany)
Underground (Hannover/Germany)
Engel 07 (Hannover/Germany)

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